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My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful, comprehensive, and informative tour of Har Hazeitim with Meir Eisenman. We requested an “advanced” tour, and he filled the bill very well. He enlightened us with history, geography, places of kedusha, kivrei tzadikim, and the move to resettle the area. His emuna, yiras shamayim, and ahavas Eretz Yisroel came through in his commentary.

Kol hakavod!


I’ve actually used Meir as a tour guide on 3 separate occasions over the last 2 years. I’ve even had the privilege of hearing Meir speak publically to over 100 people about references to Israel in the Torah. In addition to exhibiting attributes expected of a tour guide (well prepared, knowledgeable), Meir has an innate ability to really “know his audience.” My wife and I (who are observant Jews) went on a tour led by Meir, and my parents (who are not observant Jews) attended. Meir effortlessly spoke to, and inspired all of us. In closing, I think his best trait is that he loves the land of Israel. Enjoy….


Meir – Just want to thank you for a wonderful trip and for helping us pack in all that we did. We are really so glad we met you. You really are top notch at what you do and I say this for all of our different aged travelers, from my parents to my children. Thank you for engaging all of them and for showing them a fun but meaningful experience, all the while making Israel come alive for them. Everything was so easy, smooth and seamless. I know this is a trip we will never forget. For us, a very special part of our trip was being able to bring my parents and show them a great time with so many of their children. And grandchildren, which makes what you’ve done for us so important to my family. Thank you for showing such כיבוד אב ואם and for helping us participate in giving our parents a wonderful time. And thank you also for the great summary you emailed after the trip. I hope our family has earned the זכות of being able to call you our friend. Thank you again. We could not have asked for a better week in Israel. Jeffrey Dweck - NY

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